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“The awakened heart holds both the space and the energy necessary for transformation. Lark is a natural!” Chad Moyer

Lark was inspired to become a counselor at the age of 18 when she received therapy for matters related to her parents’ divorce. Convinced that she was not up to the task of providing therapy, she studied nursing instead. After many years in the medical field, Lark found her confidence to pursue her dream of becoming a counselor. At the age of 34, she attended Southern Oregon University to finish her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, then went on to earn her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling.

During her bachelor level internship at WinterSpring Center, Lark was trained in grief and loss support and provided assistance over the phone and within support groups. After her internship, she was hired to serve as a program coordinator. Lark completed her service at WinterSpring in 2009.

During the course of Southern Oregon University’s two-year graduate program, she became an intern at Phoenix Counseling Center and began practicing as a dual-diagnosis counselor for clients with both mental health and addiction issues. After a year of internship, Lark was hired as a staff member at Phoenix Counseling Center with an emphasis on providing outpatient individual and group counseling for adults and adolescents with trauma-related issues. She completed her work at Phoenix Counseling Center after over four years of service.

In 2011, Lark founded Lovejoy Counseling Services (LCS) and started her career in serving private clients. Currently, Lark works with adults, transition-age youth, couples, and families to address a variety of mental health concerns and to facilitate personal growth toward greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and vitality in life. Her method of counseling is rooted in an integrative approach, and she draws upon a number of therapeutic disciplines and modalities.

Lark’s approach to working with couples is guided by her training with The Gottman Institute.  She invites you and your partner to engage in an initial assessment process in which you are supported in talking about your relationship history and goals, to complete the online Gottman Relationship Check-Up, and to attend one individual session each before couple’s sessions begin. Lark collaborates with you and your partner to create a therapy plan based on the areas uncovered by the assessment that need attention. During therapy, you will learn how to improve conflict management skills, nurture friendship and romance, rebuild trust and commitment, and work toward building shared meaning and making life dreams come true.

Lark’s approach to individual counseling is guided by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She offers a dynamic set of ACT tools that can support you in making significant progress toward your counseling goals. Lark will guide you in learning how to respond differently to difficult thoughts, feelings, and sensations, “unhooking” from difficult internal experiences in order to create more spaciousness in life. This ability to “unhook” from that which does not serve, can provide more space to make choices that are aligned with who you want to be and the life you want to be living. ACT is a mindfulness-based approach that can assist you in cultivating acceptance, developing the ability to observe internal experiences, and committing to action based on your values.

If addiction is a problem for you, Lark assists you in discovering underlying causes and supports you in moving toward meeting your needs without substances or other addictive behaviors. She provides trauma-informed care based on the knowledge that most people’s lives have been touched by some form of trauma. She also understands that trauma can affect a person’s ability to function and do things that other people seem to do easily. Lark assists you in learning how to manage your emotions and in finding effective ways to navigate life’s challenges. Lark has provided both group and individual counseling that focuses on the relationship between addictions and mental health issues such as trauma, depression, and anxiety. She offered a Seeking Safety group, a research-based program that has been shown to be helpful for those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who self-medicate in response to overwhelming emotions.

Lark also offers grief and loss counseling. Grief and loss can occur from a myriad of circumstances such as death, loss of health, loss of relationships, loss of a job, and many others. Lark supports you in honoring your losses and moving through grief at your own pace. She assists you in giving yourself permission to fully grieve while observing the guilt and shame that often accompanies grief. In the group setting, a grief and loss ceremony has been offered in which each person’s losses can be honored and acknowledged.

Lark’s counseling is also influenced by the Humanistic orientation. Her approach guides her as she listens carefully and respectfully to how you see yourself and the ways that you experience life. She supports you in exploring the ways that you wish to grow and how you can confront problems of living in fresh ways. Trauma-informed care practices are used to sensitively address those aspects of experience that have been touched by trauma.

Furthermore, Lark incorporates body-centered and Internal Family Systems (IFS) tools into her integrative approach. IFS is often used when there is a part of the self that emerges either through identified body sensations or thought patterns. These parts, who have often been disowned, can be dialogued with in an attempt to re-establish trust and bring more wholeness to the self. Deep healing can often occur during this type of therapeutic integration.

Lark will support you in exploring your inner landscapes and drawing out those parts that desire attention and acknowledgment. Often shifts in consciousness can occur when hidden or denied parts of the self are addressed and embraced. She believes in the self-actualizing principle that each soul is moving toward its highest potential. As one brings awareness to and integrates the wounded parts of the self, an alignment with meaningful purpose can be uncovered.

Besides counseling, Lark likes to sing, dance, write poetry, create art, and spend time with her husband, family, and friends. She is a classically trained singer and performs her original songs locally. She aspires to continue to grow professionally and creatively in the years to come. Lark looks forward to connecting with you and embarking on the path of self-discovery together.

LCS can bill some insurance plans in-network and most plans out-of-network. Benefits can be checked by LCS to find out about deductibles and co-pays. For a free consultation, call (541) 708-2024 or email

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