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Therapy Groups & Workshops

Upcoming therapy groups and workshops

A number of therapy groups and workshops are in the planning and development stages. These include a grief and loss therapy group, a monthly couples clinic workshop, a trauma recovery counseling group, and others. Please let us know if you have a particular interest.

Growing Through Grief Therapy Group

What is the difference between grief and mourning? Both are essential processes that help the bereaved face the reality that a loss has occurred and slowly begin to acclimate to that reality. Specifically, grief is the collection of emotions felt after a loss. It can include denialshockpainconfusion, and isolation. Allowing these feelings in a safe environment can help to process lossMourning is a person’s outward response to these feelings; it is the active manifestation of grief. Examples of mourning can include crying, visiting the gravesite of a loved one, keeping a journal or making a photo album of the deceased, or lighting a candle on special dates. Grief is experienced inwardly, and mourning is displayed outwardly. They are both natural, and engaging them consciously can relieve the pain of loss and move the bereaved toward healing and eventual enjoyment of life.

The purpose of this group will be to provide a safe space in which people can explore their feelingsgrieve their losses, and engage in mourning activities together in a supportive atmosphere. We will focus on validation for grief – honoring and remembering our losses in healthy ways, even when told to move on before it’s time. We will address the seven stages of grief, and how they affect our relationships. We will be examining how to use grief and mourning to transition into a new stage of living.

Monthly Couples Clinic

We intend to to soon begin a monthly therapy “clinic” for couples to develop relationship skillsshare struggles and successes, and deepen together. This will be part workshop, part playshop, part group therapy. Expect to engage in experiential exercises designed to facilitate emotional intimacy with your partner, practice techniques for effective communication, and engage in circle discussion. The goals of the group are for participant couples to improve immediate relationship difficultiesprevent future discord, move from entanglement to healthy interdependence, and connect fulfillingly. Come when you’re in crisis; or come when you’re not in crisis! For more information on our approach to couples counseling, please visit our couples page.

Healing Responses to Trauma Group

Lark provides group counseling that focuses on the relationship between addictions and mental health issues such as trauma, depression, and anxiety. She offers a Seeking Safety group, a research-based program that has been shown to be helpful for those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who self-medicate in response to overwhelming emotions.

If addiction is a problem for you, Lark assists you in discovering the underlying causes of dependence and supports you in moving toward meeting your needs without substances or other addictive behaviors. She provides trauma-informed care based on the knowledge that most people’s lives have been touched by some form of trauma. She also understands that trauma can affect a person’s ability to function and do things that other people seem to do easily. Lark assists group members in learning how to manage their emotions and in finding effective ways to navigate life’s challenges.