Mt. Shasta


Why do people seek therapy?

People engage in therapy for many different reasons and with various hopes and expectations. Some have tried counseling before, have found it useful, and are coming back for more. Others may have had mixed experience with psychotherapy, but are struggling and feel willing to give it a go again. Usually, the impulse to call a therapist is related to some kind of life crisis or difficult passage. Many arrive sad, confused, and overwhelmed, and may be going through what is sometimes called “the dark night of the soul.” In such times, a skilled, authentic, and caring professional can help make the suffering bearable and facilitate change.

Some clients are already doing quite well in their lives and are looking to realize more energy, creativity, and wellness with the help of an ally. Together, we can carefully investigate perceived obstacles and coping strategies that are no longer working, and discover new ways of being in the world. It’s a bit like going on an archeology dig. Sometimes a fresh view comes into focus almost unexpectedly, and there is suddenly more vitality. A renewed and deeper sense of self begins to emerge. You can find more information about individual counseling here.

Some clients are seeking out couples counseling because there are emotionally painful dynamics occurring in their relationship with their partner or spouse, and they would like assistance with making positive needed changes. Some clients are seeking out couples counseling because they are considering getting married or having children and would like to be proactive in addressing any issues that could be a problem down the road. Other clients are seeking out couples counseling because there has been some type of betrayal, and they would like to work toward healing and recovery with their spouse or partner. You can find more information about couples counseling here.